What to Serve with Quiche – 55 Delicious Side Dishes

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Quiche is such a versatile dish and an easy meal that we tend to think of it exclusively as a brunch or breakfast food, but it’s also great for busy weeknights as a main course! No matter what time of day you’re planning to eat it, I’ve got the best side dishes organized by type to give you some great ideas for your meal planning.

Egg dishes are often a great go to with young kids. They’re a great source of protein and nutrients, and quiche is a convenient way to present them with just a few minutes of prep time. Plus since the shape is usually round you can tell them it’s “egg pie” or “egg pizza”, which helps my pizza loving kids take that first bite so they can find out that oh, this IS delicious, mom was right!

There are so many quiche fillings to choose from that it can be hard to pick out of nearly limitless quiche recipes. My basic one is to take a store-bought pie crust, layer some cheese and toppings on the bottom, and then cover it with a blend of 6 eggs and 3/4 cup of milk. Top with additional fillings or cheese and pop it in a 350 degree oven for 35-45 minutes. You can use cheddar cheese and bacon (our usual), quiche lorraine (a famous kind of quiche featuring bacon and swiss or gruyere), have a vegetarian dish like spinach quiche.

While quiche can be a complete meal on it’s own, it’s even better with some complimentary side dishes. Below you’ll find 50 great options- organized by type- to pair with a slice of quiche!

50+ Great Sides to Serve with Quiche

No matter what kind of quiche you're making, you're sure to find a side dish you'll love on this list. From soups to salads, grains to vegetables, and even beverages, you're sure to find some great inspiration for your meal planning here.

Fruit Side Dishes

Fruit is a great and kid approved way to get some extra vitamins on your little one's plate. Not to mention adults love the natural sweetness fruit dishes offer as well!

Brunch Friendly Soups

Quiche is also a great cold weather meal, and nothing warms it up like a bowl of soup! Next time you make a quiche in the fall or winter try it with one of these great side dishes!

Salads to Serve with Quiche

Salad is a classic side to pair with quiche at brunch, lunch, or dinner. Remember there are so many different ways to make a salad and they're so easy to customize. For example, if you don't care for a certain lettuce that you can always substitute it, several of these call for spinach or arugala but would be just as delightful with a baby spring mix.

Vegetable Sides to Pair with Quiche

No matter what type of quiche you're serving, a vegetable is the perfect dish to pair it with. After all, it's hard to get more than a cup or two of vegetables in your average quiche, and for 8 or so servings that's not a whole lot of veggies. Bulk up your meal with one or more of these delightful vegetable sides!

Breads, Pastas, Potatoes, and Grains

For my fellow carb-o-holics, these might just be the perfect sides.


Looking for a bit more inspiration in your drink menu than iced tea and coffee? Got you covered!

Which of these great recipes are you going to make with your next quiche?

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