The Best Toilet Cleaning Hack Ever

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This is my favorite toilet cleaning hack!

Favorite and toilet don’t usually belong in the same sentence together.  I want to be very clear here, because cleaning the toilet is NOT one of my favorite jobs around the house.  This means I sometimes (ok, usually) put it off longer than I should.  Which means it’s a little nasty looking when I finally clean it.

Of course, putting off cleaning the toilet means that when I do it takes more than a mild scrub.

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Before discovering this toilet cleaning hack, I would follow the directions on the toilet cleaner bottle, and it was always so frustrating.  I’d pour that thick cleaner under the rim all around the toilet and watch it coat the bowl, only to see it get diluted right at the water line.  You know, right where that nasty ring is.  Right where I need that cleaning solution to work the hardest!  I felt so frustrated when I saw that.

Enter Melissa and her brilliant toilet cleaning hack

Then one day I was watching some youtube videos by cleanmyspace, and Melissa shared that she uses a plunger to push the water down before applying her cleaner.


I don’t keep a plunger in every bathroom though, and going to get it each time was extra steps I wanted to eliminate if I could.  So, I tried using my toilet brush to do the same action.


actively doing the toilet cleaning hack- pushing water past the p trap of a toilet using the toilet brush

Now, a brush isn’t going to unclog your toilet, however it absolutely will push the water down past the P trap.  This toilet cleaning hack allows the cleaning solution to sit on that gross toilet ring at full strength while you clean the rest of the toilet.  Or even the rest of the bathroom.  I tend to let mine sit awhile!  Then when you go to scrub, it’s way easier.

toilet mid-cleaning after using the toilet cleaning hack, with water now pushed past the p trap and cleaner sitting in the bowl

What if my toilet has a REALLY nasty ring?

No worries!  If you went a particularly long time without cleaning the toilet, then you may need a pumice stone to get the stubborn stains.  Yes, I know from experience.  Make sure that the pumice and the bowl are wet to avoid scratching the toilet.  Alternatively, you can sprinkle on some barkeeper’s friend and scrub that with the toilet brush.

Four images of cleaning a toilet- pushing the water past the p trap, letting the cleaner work, after scrubbing, and clean. Text overlayed saying

What is your favorite bathroom or toilet cleaning hack?  Let me know in the comments!

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