The Best Reusable Baby Food Pouch for Yogurt

by Mom Hacks

Baby Food Pouches are SO convenient.

They’re also a bit spendy.  ESPECIALLY the yogurt ones.  And is it just me, or is the yogurt in the store bought pouches more of a smoothie consistency?  Maybe I’m just biased, but I’m not a fan of the store bought yogurt baby food pouches.

However, yogurt is fantastic!  It’s a great source of calcium and protein for a growing baby.  And babies learn how to self-feed with a pouch pretty easily, so offering yogurt in a pouch allows you to ALSO eat, rather than being in charge of spoon feeding.

Toddler eating yogurt out of a reusable baby food pouch in a highchair, with overlayed text reading "the best reusable pouch"

Thankfully, there are reusable pouches available!  Unfortunately, there are so many to choose from that it can be hard to pick one.  So how do you choose?  What’s the best reusable baby food pouch?

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What qualities to look for in a reusable baby food pouch:

There are 4 main things you want to look for, and my recommendation for the best reusable baby food pouch covers all of them.

Easy to clean and get in the crevices

This is pretty self-explanatory.  If we are buying reusable pouches with the intent of you know, reusing them, they need to be easy to clean.  That means no weird crevices that are hard to get into, and a nice wide opening for soap and water to get in and out of.

Easy to fill without a fancy thingamabob

This is somewhat related to the wide opening for cleaning, but some pouches can only be filled through the spout using a specific device.  This one you’ve probably seen wandering target is the one I had with my firstborn.  Used it once or twice.  Even let it take up valuable cabinet space for awhile.  Ugh.

Many reusable pouches have a ziplock style closure on one end, which works great.  Just check reviews to make sure it stays closed when baby is using it, and that it’s not super difficult to open for mom.  It’s a very fine, goldilocks style line between too easy for baby to open, and too hard for adults to open!

Economical enough to toss when they’re gross

Even cleaning them well, eventually any pouch will get some mold in the creases or near the spout.  Or get left in a diaper bag and forgotten about.  When that happens, you probably don’t want to be tossing a pouch that cost a few dollars a piece.

BPA Free

I don’t want my pouches to have any BPA, phthalates, or pvc materials.  You may also want them to be freezer safe so you can pack frozen ones for daycare or preschool that thaw for lunch.

Common questions about reusable baby food pouches

Can these baby food pouches be frozen?

Absolutely.  I’ve frozen them, and put them through the dishwasher after a good rinse in my sink.  I always use my heated dry option on my dishwasher as well, and it’s never been an issue with these pouches.

Are these baby food pouches recyclable?

Yes!  Once they are rather worn I do recycle them.  They are thinner and lighter weight than some other reusable pouches, but far thicker than the stuff that clogs up recycle center systems like grocery bags do.

How much use do you get out of these?

I use most of them upwards of 20-30 times before I recycle them.  Every now and again one will get left in a diaper bag or something and I just pitch it rather than trying to clean it out.  I keep between 3-5 in rotation in my kitchen, then when it’s time to retire a few of them bring out a couple more from the box.  I’m still on the same box I bought for my son in 2018, and my daughter eats yogurt every day.

Pin with child eating yogurt from the best reusable baby food pouch for yogurt

Basically, I love these kiddzo pouches!

Be sure to also check out how my daughter and I play with yogurt when it’s not mealtime.

How about you friend?  What is your favorite food to put in reusable baby food pouches?



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